Product Certification is a third party Certification scheme. This is intended to provide, by means of system assessment, testing and subsequent surveillance, an adequate level of confidence that the product conforms to the specified requirements of appropriate safety, technical standard.

Why Product Certification

Safety testing, certification and consequent mark of conformity on products as per standards is in vogue in most of the developed countries. There are strict legislations in these countries. There are strict legislations in these countries on mandatory compliance of safety requirements. Thus, for global trading it is essential that these products comply to international standards for certification

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Nucleus Consultants is proud to launch its a first of its kind product “Safeworthy”.

It was initiated to drive and represents the aerospace and defense, medical devices, railways and automotive industry and its ecosystem to ensure adequate supply of highly skilled workforce to meet the demands of the industry.

We enable in particular small and medium-sized enterprises to gain access to specialized knowledge in the field of aerospace, defence, medical devices, railways and automotive systems and certification, thereby helping them reach their goals in the most optimal and cost-effective manner.

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