NADCAP Accreditation


Nadcap (Formerly known as National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is an industry-managed approach to conformity assessment of ‘special processes’.

It brings together technical experts from prime contractors, suppliers and representatives from government to work together and establish requirements for approval of suppliers using a standardized approach.

Unlike traditional third party programs, Nadcap approval is granted based upon industry consensus.

NADCAP is the leading, worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost effective consensus approach to special processes andproducts and provide continious improvement within the aerospace industry.


About PRI and NADCAP

  • NADCAP Program is part of PRI (Performance Review Institute).
  • PRI was created in 1990 by SAE
  • Through the Performance Review Institute, NADCAP provides independent certification of manufacturing processes for the industry.
  • NADCAP Accreditation is granted by Task Groups after successful audit
  • Audits are performed using checklists
  • The Audit check list are developed by the Task Groups and These are based on customer and industry standard

What is NADCAP Task Group ?

Nadcap Task Groups are composed of personnel (Prime Contractors, Government Representatives, Suppliers) with expertise in the particular product, process or service for which suppliers are to be accredited (e.g. NDT, Heat Treating).

The Task Group has responsibilities for the accreditation program including:

  • deploying the accreditation process,
  • recommendations for auditor hiring and training needs,
  • standard and checklist development, metrics,
  • and continuous improvement.

Commodities covered under NADCAP

Nadcap program give accreditation for special processes in aerospace and military industry as:

  • Aerospace Quality Systems (AQS)
  • Chemical Processing (CP)
  • Coatings (CT)
  • Composites (COMP)
  • Conventional Machining as a Special Process (CMSP)
  • Elastomer Seals (SEAL)
  • Electronics (ETG)
  • Fluids Distribution (FLU)
  • Heat Treating (HT)
  • Materials Testing Laboratories (MTL)
  • Measurement & Inspection (M&I)
  • Metallic Materials Manufacturing (MMM)
  • Nonconventional Machining and Surface Enhancement (NMSE)
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
  • Non Metallic Materials Manufacturing (NMMM)
  • Non Metallic Materials Testing (NMMT)
  • Sealants (SLT)
  • Welding (WLD)


  • Mandated by the major aerospace and defence prime contractors (Subscribers)
  • Replaces routine process auditing with one audit process, approved through a consensus decision making process of industry stakeholders
  • Improves quality throughout industry through consistent requirements
  • Conducts in-depth, technical process audits
  • Utilizes technically experienced auditors to assure process familiarity
  • Reduces costs through improved standardization
NADCAP Steps   

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